From 2000 to 2008, Developmental NGO CREDO-ACTION acted for environmental cause in Lomé.

With CARE INTERNATIONAL  as Backer, NGO CREDO-ACTION collected the garbage in the area of Bè-Gbényédi in Lomé.

The local people of of Bè-Gbényédi were made to adhere to our environmental program through awareness raising campaigns. And as a legal NGO, plaques were made to signal our “presence” and thereby the importance of cleaning-up and sanitation.

This cleaning-up and sanitation program was successfully carried out with the collaboration of

the 3rd District Council (Bè-Gbényédi District Council) and of

the Local Development Committee

Main particularly-involved – actors were the Mayor of the 3rd District Council Mr GBEGNEDJI Léandre.


  • More than 1,000 homes cleaned and sanitized
  • Appreciations from served
  • Appreciations from Local Authorities, including the Mayor himself
  • Appreciations from the diasopora



During this environmental program CREDO-ACTION implemented a reafforestation program through which CREDO-ACTION planted 1,000 shrubs that to this day have grown up into a “forest”.


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